Katie had never been so turned underground russian sex sites on in the presence of another person. She still was determined not to let him fuck her, but she did want another orgasm before she made him cum. Katie even decided that she was going to let him cum in her mouth, something she had never let anyone do

Katie squirmed against his fingers trying to drive russian sex sites them deeper. She could feel them digging around inside her steamy hole. With her free hand she reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. It took several minutes but it finally worked. The pressure building in her belly released. Juices gushed from her pussy. Carl's cock fell from her mouth. Katie screamed as her body shook with its third orgasm

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Carl rubbed his pictures nude russian girls dripping fingers across her lips. Katie opened her mouth so he could push them inside. Once again she was mesmerized by the taste of her own pussy. She sucked his fingers clean and giggled while looking up at Carl

"I'm really being nasty tonight. russian incest videos clips samples xxx I don't know what's gotten into me. I'm going to finish you with my mouth. Then we have to go home.

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As soon as her lips wrapped around his swollen russian young pictures nude monster, Carl put his hands on her head and forced his cock into the opening of her throat. Katie gagged and struggled to pull up, but Carl kept the pressure on the back of her head trying to force it deeper. Katie had no choice but to find a way to let it into her throat

"If I had wanted russian sex thumbnails a little girl's blowjob I would have gone out with one of your friends. Now show me what kind of a woman you are.

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The gagging sounds and russian nude girls the struggle became more intense. At last Carl had mercy and let her pull part way off his cock so she could breath. Spit and drool poured from her mouth all over his hard meat and balls. Holding her hair tight in his fingers, Carl slammed her head back down until his cock was lodged in her throat

Katie was too confused to teenage russian sex think. She thought she was going to pass out. His cock was too big to fit in her throat. Despite her struggles, it kept going deeper. The pain from his fingers almost ripping out the hair on her head didn't help. And yet, despite all this, she wanted it. She wanted him to take her this way. She had always wanted it

It was a recurring fantasy. A man in black russian girl nude pics wearing a ski mask entered the house. Katie was alone. She tried to run but he was too fast. He slammed her face into the wall. Her skirt and panties were ripped from her body. A large cock slid into her pussy. His hands ripped her blouse and crushed her tits. He yanked her hair and pulled her head back, biting her neck until he drew blood. About then, cunt juice would squirt from her pussy as she imagined his cum filling her cunt. The fantasy always gave her an intense orgasm

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Carl's cock was illegal russian sex completely buried inside her mouth and throat. She gagged loudly as he held her there, still struggling for precious air. He let her breathe briefly before shoving his cock back in her throat, holding her head down until she gagged. He grabbed her hair and fucked her face by bobbing her head up and down. He slammed up into her mouth driving his cock into her throat on each thrust

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She was still in a daze when he russian naturist pictures slammed her back against the door and climbed between her legs. Rather than remove her panties, he pulled them to the side. His fingers opened her pussy. Carl prepared to shove his cock into her hot cunt. When Katie realized what was about to happen she panicked

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Katie tried to push him away but Carl wouldn't budge. She illegal russian sex could feel the tip of his cock rub against her pussy. Katie realized that she was going to lose the battle. She also realized that she wanted to lose the battle. Just like in her fantasy, she wanted to get fucked. She wanted to be taken by force. There was only one problem

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Carl's hand russian teen rape picture shot to her neck and slammed her head against the window. She felt his cock slide into her body. He began to fuck her. Her pussy had never been filled like this. He let go of her neck and pushed her legs back by her shoulders. His hands crushed her tits. His cock pounded into her again and again. Katie no longer wanted him to stop

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Letting go and being reckless russian girls porn was like an aphrodisiac. She could feel the pressure of another orgasm building in her belly. His big cock filled her again and again. Carl pinched her nipples so hard that the pain was excruciating. Pleasure and pain mixed together in a swirl of sensations that gripped her body. She threw her head back and screamed. Pussy juice gushed from her cunt

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Carl took his cock from her cum-filled cunt and pulled russian real rape picture film the crotch of her panties back in place to soak up the juices seeping from her body. He climbed up her body and shoved his dripping cock between her lips. The strong taste of their combined juices filled Katie's mouth

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Katie looked up at russian prostitute pictures him with his cock between her lips and nodded her head. She had become his slave, his fuck toy. She wanted him to dominate her, to take her in ways she had never been taken. She was addicted to his power. All signs of resistance faded. Katie eagerly sucked him into her mouth and licked the thick juices from his coc

Carl could sense the change in nude russian girls Katie. She was now his to do with as he pleased. Carl grabbed her hair and slammed his cock deep into her throat until she choked. He did this again and again before he pulled her off and yanked her head back by the hair until she was looking up at him. Spit was dripping from her chin and she was breathing in short gasps russian girls young

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Carl yanked her up and slammed her against the top 10 russian porn sites front seat with his hand on the back of her neck pressing her head over the back of the seat. He shoved his cock into the sticky mess inside the crotch of her panties and then up the crack of her ass. When it was nice and gooey, he pressed the tip against her tight asshole and pushed

Katie screamed when she felt the huge russian underground xxx knob of his cock punch through her tight knot and enter her body. He pushed deeper. She thought her insides were going to explode from the unbearable pressure and pain in her belly. Tears streamed down her face as he pushed even deeper. He began to fuck her. Katie could hardly breathe

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Slowly and gradually Katie felt the unbearable pressure give xxx russian amateurs way to a sensation of fulfillment. His fingers pushed up into her pussy. Pleasure returned to her body. She sat back on his cock and took it even deeper than it had been. She swirled her ass against him. Carl fed his fingers to her mouth. Katie sucked them between her lips. She moved her own fingers to her clit.

Carl bent her over the back nude russian porn of the front seat and hammered her ass. He grabbed her hair and yanked back on her head. His cock pounded in and out of her stretched asshole going harder and faster on each thrust. His hand moved to her throat and squeezed. As she struggled for air, another orgasm ripped through Katie's body. Seconds later she felt warm cum pour into her bowels

Carl popped his cock out little russian girls naked of Katie's well-fucked ass and pulled her panties back in place so they could absorb the cream drooling out. He fastened his trousers and climbed back into the driver's seat. Katie was in the process of putting on her bra and pulling her top down over her tits