"Joseph, don't even think of me throwing you out. That will naked russian girls for never happen! What's going to be your 'M.O.S.', or am I not allowed to ask that?

"The army thinks very young russian porn I have some talent for languages," he said proudly. "I tested well in that field. So I'm going to be learning Arabic. Since there is a large Arabic speaking population in New Jersey, they have decided to train me there so that I can get some 'on the spot' experience as well. Just think about it Rich, I'm going to be able to make love to you in two languages. I even know how to say I love you in Arabic......I think its 'Ana Bahabek Kteer' or something like that.

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"And how do you russian young porn say dear or darling?

"That's easy! It's extreme russian porn 'Habibi' it really means, beloved.

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"Then, Ha-bi-bi, Ana Ba-ha-bek Kteer, means darling, I love you! Is young russian nude girl pics that right?" Rich struggled with the sound of the tongue twisting words. God I'm speaking Arabic.

"More like killing it," Joseph xxx russian amateurs laughed, and then asked, "Habibi, when are we going to finish up here? I have something I want to do. If we have the time I think that on the way to the apartment would be a perfect opportunity. As long as I'm going to have all this extra money, there is something I would like to buy for you and I want to go shopping.

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"You don't have to do that." Rich protested. russian girl pictures "Like I told you yesterday, you already have given me the greatest gift you could give and that is enough.

"No, I want to get you something special russian teen pics to remember me by. Something that, when you look at it will bring back the memory of the wonderful time we spent together. A small token, something that you could wear or carry." Joseph thoughtfully said

"Oh that young nude russian girls is so sweet." Richard grinned, "But only if we do this together. Let's pick out matching gifts, something that will bind us together, a symbol of our togetherness. Something that we could wear and that when we touched it... It would be like touching each other. Do you have any ideas?

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"That is just the pictures of russian girls having sex with boys sort of thing I was trying to visualize. I had thought of perhaps a ring, but I don't like rings on my fingers or any jewelry that's too feminine. Besides, some people might ask questions that I'm not ready to answer, yet," he said scratching his G.I. haircut

"Hey, I have it!" Rich exclaimed. russian sex slaves "How about matching neck chains? They are simple, yet they are symbolic and we can wear them all the time, even when we bathe. Then later on when you are out of the army and if we are still together, we could add some charms or a locket. A nice thick gold or silver chain to symbolize our being 'chained' together, what do you think?

"Chained together, russian nudist girls yes, what a great thought." he said, "and it's not like I will be wearing jewelry, after all I do have to wear my dogtags. It's not that unusual for a guy to wear a chain, and no one will think twice seeing it about my neck. Many of the men in my company wear chains with crosses or other things hanging from them. That's a great idea! Fantastic! Let's do it.

They worked russian girl naked till the end of the party and then collected their pay and their share of the gratuities. To Joseph it was the easiest money he had ever earned and after Richard had selected a nice take out diner for them to eat later, the two of them went looking for a gift shop. They strolled along the village streets hand in hand. There were many boutiques and gift shops on the way home. Almost every block had at least one. It was not long before they found a small shop that had the type of thing they were interested in purchasing. The old lady that ran it was only too happy to accommodate them. She displayed several heavy gold chains and the two lovers after discussing the merits of each, decide on one that they both liked

"We will take two pictures of russian women of these and please wrap them separately, as gifts." Richard requested.

Oh! And I thought you were buying them for extreme russian porn each other." The storeowner said as she handed them to the cashier for payment and wrapping beatiful russian girls us

"We are, but we want it to be a surprise and nude russian school girls we want to see the others delight when we unwrap them later tonight at diner." Rich said.

Each paid the cashier and took one of the girls innocent pictures russian packages. As they were leaving, Joseph jokingly said to Richard, "I say old man, I think you have my package and I have yours. little russian girls petite russian girls

"Yes old boy. I believe I do." He played along, young russian girls nude they exchanged packages and as they exited the shop, they could see the storeowner smiling and shaking her head and saying to the cashier, "Lovers, they come in all shapes and sizes!!!!

After getting home, Richard placed the take out in russian teen pictures the oven to warm up and made salad while Joseph set the table. Richard insisted that Joseph set the table with a tablecloth and cloth napkins and two candlesticks. When Joseph finished Rich stood looking at the table russian little girls nude russian family sex

"Hey something is missing." Richard observed. "Tell russian sex network you what. Why don't you take a shower while I go out and see if I can get it. And I want to see you all washed and dressed in your class "A" uniform. This is going to be a 'formal' diner.

"What's missing? Everything looks perfect to russian girls naked me," he questioned russian women pictures russian amateur pics

"Never mine, just do it, my love." And with russian prostitute pictures that he left the apartment

Joseph showered young russian girls posing nude and shaved and got dressed in his uniform and was just coming out of the bathroom when he heard the key in the door. The door opened and in walked Rich his arms loaded down with a beautiful bunch of flowers and a bottle of wine russian country girls

"Oh yes!" Joseph said as he relieved some of Rich's russian family young incest pics load. "You were right, that's the crowning touch to the entire evening." "Well almost, the crowning touch will come later. You look good enough to eat." he said leaning over and kissing his lips. "MMM and you smell divine. I love the smell of my aftershave on you. Brings out the animal in me. Grrrrrr. Oh! Before I forget, I also had this key made up for you. It's an extra key to this place. Keep it and use it when you come in on your next leave

Nia was relieved to have completed her russian rape pictures first year of college. The 18yr. old beauty was taking her roommate Shelly home with her to stay with her mother for a few weeks and then the girls planned to visit Shelly's parents. Nia smiled at her brown-haired, blue-eyed companion as they cruised the turnpike. Shelly looked so sweet, her shoulder length hair was blowing in the wind, her 32B breast pointed upward, and the slender 5'6" girl's shapely legs were on display as the wind swirled about the red convertible. The 19 yr. old caught Nia's smile and lovingly smiled back at her dominative lover russian girl nude gallery russian teen girls pics

Shelly could feel a tingle as the moisture formed between russian nude girls her legs. Before school, she had been with a couple of guys but never with a female. One night they were sitting around their room drinking beer and the subject turned to sex. Before she realized what was happening, Nia was sitting on her face and she ate the pussy of this 5'9" brunette willingly and joyously. Shelly rested her head on Nia's 38D tits and was tempted to suck on Nia's nipples right there in the car but she had always been shy and was not bold enough to try public sex

After a seven-hour drive, they finally russian woman sex arrived at the two-story home and carried in their luggage. Nia's mom greeted them with warm embraces. The 37 yr. old mom looked every bit as alluring as her daughter. The same black hair, deep black eyes and 42DD breast. Nia noticed her friend's reaction to her mom and was amused. Mom suggested that they shower and she would prepare dinner

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They showered together young russian girls nude and Nia said, "I saw the way you looked at my mom, you want to eat her pussy too! Don't you

"No, it's just that russian incest videos clips samples xxx you look so much alike. You are the only girl that I have ever been with and I am very happy; I don't want anyone but you.

"Show me slut, get on your bbs rape russia knees and eat my cunt!" Shelly willingly complied; she feverishly licked and sucked the hairy pussy. "Good girl, you've become a great cunt lapper, but we better go to dinner; don't worry, later you will have plenty of time to enjoy my hot cunt!

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After dinner, they sat in the living room extreme russian porn listening to music and drinking wine. Mom said that it was so nice to have company; she had been very lonely since her husband died at work. When mom went to get more wine, Nia explained that a truck at a construction site hit her father. Mom received a settlement and could live comfortably.

As the night progressed, all three of them were feeling pretty russian girls the effects of the wine. Poor mom was crying in her wine; she was so lonely, mom missed sex but had not pursued any relationships. Her husband had been her only lover and she was afraid to be with anyone else

Nia pulled her mother off the sofa russian nude pics and danced with her, and then she had Shelly dance with mom. They sat back down on the sofa and mom was in the middle. Nia grabbed her mother's head and roughly kissed her mom. Mom managed to pull back and gasped, "What are you doing? I am your mother!