"What 'rough version'?" russian underground xxx Rick asked, even though he already knew the answer

"I did russian rape films a little editing of our first shoot and sent them a demo. It's queued up in the DVD player, so we can take a look." She explained

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Ms. Pittman retrieved the video russian illegal girls remote from the table and clicked it. The fifty-inch conference screen flared to life. She clicked another button and a video-clip began to play

Rick was speechless as he watched the russian pic post screen. Ms. Pittman had taken the video footage from the previous day and had made a full-blown commercial. The commercial neatly captured each of the items that had been used on him. From the restraints to the lube delivery system and dildo up his ass, all were there. Ms. Pittman's voice gave a speech about the ease of use and quality of the toys. She then spoke about giving the average couple a taste of the exotic

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'What does the average couple think?' her voice beautiful russian girls photos asked on the film. The groans of he and Sue, and the close-up of his cock spurting its thick load against the glass table quickly answered the question

"Wow! That pics of nude russian teens is awesome!" Sue said while clapping

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Rick didn't know what naked russian incest pictures to say. His face had not been shown in the video, but it was he nonetheless. Should he feel proud, or should he feel ashamed and used

"I did some research and I found where we russian girls young could hire amateur models. We could retain the amateur feel and…" Rick said, but his words trailed into silence

"We won't need that Rick. Sue is more than russian rape pic post willing to keep working on the project, and you are a natural. I had my doubts, but you proved to be the best man for the job. You're not backing out of the campaign are you? It's as much your idea as mine." Ms. Pittman said

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Rick wanted young russian nude girl pics to kick himself. What else had he expected? There was no way that he could refuse her without dashing his whole career on the rocks. He was torn. He could walk out on everything, or see things through. The fact that his cock was as hard as a rock from what he had seen played a major factor in his decision

"No, I'm nude pics russian still on the project. I just wanted to offer an alternative. Keep our options open." He explained

"That's good, because I think we've teen anna russian porn hit something big. First there was 'reality television', and now 'reality commercials'. It's all about 'real' people in real situations." She explained

Ms. Pittman stood young naked russian girls and walked over to the boxes of equipment and withdrew a smaller box. When she returned to the table, Rick could see the words 'Scene 2' written on it. It became apparent that she had spent time on organizing her ideas

"Sue is already ready to go. She'll help you get young russian nude girl pics prepared while I check the cameras." Ms. Pittman instructed him

She sat the box on russia young sex the table and left, and Sue stood from her chair. Sue was wearing a white blouse and gray skirt, and Rick recognized her black, patterned stockings from the clients website russian schoolgirl sex sex russian

"Kick your shoes off sex russian and stand up for me." Sue asked him as she opened the box

Rick did as she asked and then russian schoolgirl sex followed her instructions to remove the rest of his clothes. He was soon standing naked and with, to his embarrassment a hard cock. Ms. Pittman returned with a camcorder and began filming as Sue got him ready. She started rolling a black, latex sheathe down his shaft. It was open at the end, and caused the head of his cock to bulge and turn a bright red. She followed it with a thick ring with leather straps, which she opened and clamped behind his cock and balls. As the day before, he felt as if his genitals were twice the size young nude russian girls pictures of russian girls having sex with boys

The next item was a dildo that was sex with russian girls roughly the size of his middle finger. She used a tube from the box and spread a clear gel over it before instructing him to bend over at the waist. Rick did as told as soon felt the cool gel being applied to his no-longer virgin hole. He felt the warmth underneath the gel and knew that it was her finger sliding into him and not the toy. She pumped her finger slowly and Rick unconsciously began to move his hips and meet her thrusts. She knew that he was ready and Rick held in a groan when she pulled her finger out

He didn't need russian teen picture to wait as she quickly replaced her finger with the toy. The dildo was cool and was somewhat of a shock as she easily slid the full length into his prepped ass. He kept still as she took the straps that were attached to the metal ring. She slid one between his legs, while the others came around his waist. He felt the tug as she fastened them together and the dildo was pulled deeper into his ass. He stood when she was done and realized that the straps were designed to keep his ass from losing the toy russian underground pics russian young teen porn

The outfit was quickly finished after that. A pair yulia sex russian of leather cuffs was placed on his wrists, but the surprise was the mask. Sue slipped a mask made of black spandex over his head. His eyes and mouth were accessible through slits, but everything else was covered. As Sue removed the box from the table, he went over in his mind everything he was wearing. They were doing a good job at using all of the client's products.

Sue returned to the table and russian sex thumbnails slid onto it. She was wearing black high-heeled boots with silver heels, which Rick recognized as one of the more expensive items from the website. Ms. Pittman filmed for a few seconds and he could see that Sue's collar and bracelets were also from the website thumbnails of russian escort girls

Ms. Pittman backed away and nude russian school girls began filming as Sue motioned Rick forward. She pulled her skirt up and hooked her heels against the tables' edge. The pantyhose were crotch less and Rick could see that her pussy was extremely wet. It glistened in the light and he could see a pearly river oozing from the bottom of her slit.

"I'm going to get some of that cock young russian girl pics today, but you need to make room for it first." Sue told him. She leaned forward and tugged on his arm, and he slid down to his knees. His nose was immediately filled with the musky scent of her cunt, and he was also able to see that there was a golden cord sticking wetly between her lips. naked russian girls for little russian girl brides

Rick had an idea as to what russian rape photos the cord was, but wasn't sure what to do next. He decided to let himself go with it. He was fully masked, and the best performance would only help him in the long run. He leaned forward as Sue reclined back, and slowly licked her cunt. He licked from the very bottom and directly over her clit, which caused her to shudder. He repeated his movement so that Ms. Pittman could get a good shot and left his tongue sticking out. It was coated with her cream and He slowly pulled it into his mouth before swallowing

"That's good. russia amateur sex Always keep the camera in mind and give me the best shot." Ms. Pittman told him russian young pictures nude russian sex thumbnails

Rick returned sex russian to lapping at Sue's cunt. He was planning on moving on, but the hunching of her hips made him change his mind. He continued to lick, and soon concentrated on her clit. He felt her hand on the back of his head and then the felt her cunt become even wetter. She groaned out loud before gripping his head tightly and thrusting her cunt against his mouth. She bucked hard for a few seconds before her body relaxed.

The next toy was about to be showcased and Rick russian schoolgirl porn knew the perfect way to do it. He gave her cunt a few laps to clean up the juices that were flowing like water and then gripped the golden cord between his teeth. He pulled gently on the cord, but found that he needed more force. He pulled harder the second time, and was rewarded with a groan from Sue as a large gold ball appeared at the entrance to her cunt. Rick continued to pull and the ball, coated with her vaginal cream popped free. He pulled again and another ball was dislodged. On the third pull the final, gooey ball popped free, leaving Sue's cunt gaping open and oozing juice sex russia russian girls drinking piss

Rick Leaned back to let his boss get a good shot. xxx little russian girls He held the balls up by the string as she filmed the toy and it's creamy coating. He then tilted his head back and sucked one of the balls into his mouth. Her inner cream was thicker and saltier, but the taste was exciting. Rick sucked the ball clean and then preceded to do the same to the remaining two. He sat the gleaming balls onto the table and waited for what to do next

"Very good. Now come up here russia young sex and fuck my pussy." Sue instructed him. Rick stood, and didn't think of the possible consequences of what he was doing. He only thought of the wet and open cunt in front of him and his hard cock. He placed his hands behind his back and angled his cock at her hole. He moved slowly so that Ms. Pittman could get the shot and only sped up when he was sure that she had got it. Rick felt the wetness on his cockhead and pushed forward, burying his full member into her

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The breath caught in Sue's throat as Rick began to russian lesbian sex fuck her with slow deliberate strokes. He kept the pace slow to allow his boss the best possible shots, and she moved around him, making sure to capture all of the angles. She eventually moved behind him and Rick could feel her heavy breasts pressed against his back. With her heels on, Ms. Pittman was slightly taller than Rick. She wrapped on hand around him and stroked his chest while she used her height advantage to look over his shoulder and down at the action. The black latex sheath was shiny and wet as it pumped in and out of the willing hole. Traces of cream appeared and disappeared along the shaft

"That's it. This is going to be great. Just russia porn fuck look at how sexy that hard cock looks, all wrapped in latex and sliding into her cunt. Every man will want his cock to look like that, and every woman will want to be fucked by one." Ms. Pittman hissed in his ear. Rick was on the verge of climaxing and her hot breath in his ear was pushing him over the edge. He was teetering on the edge until she pulled away. As she did so, she pulled him from Sue as well

"It's time to change the position. Sue, russian school girls why don't you keep Rick ready for action while I set things up." She said as she moved away

Rick tried to watch what she russian outdoor public sex was doing, but Sue turned herself around on the table and began licking his cock. He groaned as she sucked on the now plum colored head before sliding his entire knob down her throat. He wanted to shoot his load down her throat, but no matter how he strained, he couldn't climax. It was at that point that he remembered the ring. It was tightly in place and he wouldn't orgasm until it was removed. He could only stand in the sweet torture and experience her hot, sucking mouth

Ms. Pittman arranged multiple video cameras underneath russian rape pictures the table, as well as a few still cameras. It was during her movement that Rick noticed that something was different. The plaid skirt she was wearing moved oddly in the front, and he knew what it was. He had forgotten that the client manufactured different models of strap-on dildos, and had never considered that his boss would want to shoot more than one type

"I want you on the middle of the very young russian porn table, on your hands and knees Sue. Rick, I want you behind her for a doggie-style fuck." Ms. Pittman instructed. She waited for them to get in to position before pulling the front of her skirt up